Presentation Outline

The opening of this video provides a simple description of tricking as a sport, with examples and demonstrations from some of the best.

Presentation outline:

Intro video


-80s-90s (dave C’s historical account)

-Rise of TricksTutorials (first forum)

-Rise of Backyard trickers and non-competative “Teams”

-Change in samplers (Mclay 2011, heikki inspired, Donovan)

-Worldwide hotspots (Australia, Norway, Israel, san jose, NYC…)

-Rise of gatherings and “battles”

-Recent Sponsorships (by clothing companies) and competitions (bboy jam in 2010, featured in NASKA)


-Baym’s conceptualization of community (definition of community, the tricking community)


Popular sites: Tricksession Forums (TS)TricksTutorials (TT)Club 540 trictionaryFacebookTricking Australia

lack of hierarchy Facebook pages (phil, scott, )


-The Tricks themselves influenced by online community. evolution of more complicated maneuvers (club 540 tricksionary)

The Future

-Lessening importance of the ONLNE community as defining tricking. (real life and online community is still important, just that the online community is shifting to more open sites like Facebook and YouTube- thus it is less focused and close-knit)


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