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The tricking community is made up of a series of different sites. None of them are officially affiliated with one another, but these sites and the poeple who actively se them have been an extremely important component of the sport’s growth over the past 20 years. I will attempt to describe some of the most influential/important sites within the community and to explain why they have been important to the growth of tricking.

The Forums TricksTutorials (TT)Tricksession Forums (TS): Following in the footsteps of popular sites like Bilang and yellowboy (which no longer exist), A guy (Kid at the time) Nicknamed Jujimufu (aka Juji) launched a site called Tricktutorials in 2002. The site featured helpful articles on tricking and provided step by step tutorials for people who wanted to learn. But the tutorials themselves aren’t what made trickstutorials so important to the tricking community. The forums on Juji’s site became THE tricking forum on the internet and provided a location (a shared space, if you will) for the tricking community to grow. In late 2009, Juji became tired of running the forums and announced that the TT forums would be shutting down. In response to this, another site (Tricksession) was started, and the forums essentially migrated to this new domain (where they still exist today).

Without these forums, tricking would not have reached as many people as it did throughout the mid 2000’s. Small video sharing sites and even the beginnig of Youtube did not provide the same atmosphere of helpful communication and tips for beginners. The forums also provided a place for the growth of tricking “celebreties,” and a community in which people could learn about the history of the sport merely by participating in conversations. The tricking forums are therefore an extremely important aspect of the online tricking community.

Online Video Sharing (Youtube): The advent of online video sharing websites like Youtube and Vimeo greatly affected the spread of tricking. Although online video sharing had existed in years before Youtube, Youtube clearly changed the game and had a large impact on video sharing throughout the internet. There was a boom in the growth of tricking that coincides perfectly with the launch of youtube, and this is not a mere coincidence. Youtube allowed more people to share tricking videos in the same easily accesible format. Additionally, features like subscriptions and comments allowed people to communicate and use youtube to find other important sites like TT.

Social Networking (Facebook): Facebook is easily one of the most influential websites in the world. It allows people to connect and communicate. Through Facebook groups and event pages trickers can keep track of their sport and organize gatherings. In fact, as Facebook has become a more significant aspect of people’s internet lives, I would argue that it is starting to draw the tricking community away from the tricking forums. Youtube is having a similar effect with its revamped homepage and subscription services.

In conclusion, the Tricking community does not exist solely in any one place. It is spread out all over the internet, but united by the activity itself. Because trickers actively seek out videos and gatherings, the internet is the perfect place for them to organize. Without the growth of sites like TT, Facebook, and Youtube, tricking would not have been able to grow like it did.


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